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The purpose of this site is to provide a list of common arguments against atheism (or, for religion) and a series of well-constructed and cited responses in order to promote lively debate.  The responses are purposefully simple and straightforward and will require almost noknowledge of deep, philosophical issues.  Any evidence or facts I provide will be cited with a relevant and reliable source.

A list of all relevant arguments can be found here.

What is atheism?/
Atheism is the belief that no deity (god) exists in any form.
There are many subsections of atheism, including agnostic atheism (the belief that no god exists because it is either an unknowable fact or unknown at this time) and gnostic atheism (belief that there are no gods and the non-believer knows there are no gods). A full list can be found here.

What is the difference between atheism and agnosticism?/
Atheism is the belief that no gods exist. Agnosticism is the belief that there is no way to know whether a god exists or not.

Why does this website exist?/
Invariably, you say you’re an atheist to a group of people and someone attempts to debate you. There are very common arguments that are usually brought up to denounce atheism and promote theism and this is my way to help to compile all those arguments into a single location on the internet.

I know more about Christianity than I do about any other religion.  Most (if not all) of my arguments, when using specific sources, are based on Christianity.  Many arguments can be used for other religions, however, so don’t limit yourself.  I do not refer to Mohammed or Allah only because I know less about them than I do about god and Jesus.

Webmaster Information/

Name/ Anya

Age/ 24

Location/ New York

Schooling/ Second year law student; B.A. in neuropsychology.

Religious Background/ Catholic until 13, atheist since.


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