The Arguments

This list is always expanding.

Why atheism?
Is it because it’s the “in” thing right now?
A bad religious experience caused your atheism.
You have no morals, then.

But religion makes more sense . . .
But isn’t it safter to believe in god? So you go to heaven?
Aren’t you scared, knowing you’re going to end up in hell?
Aren’t you afraid of death?
Isn’t it comforting to know there’s something else outside of you?
Disprove god’s existence, then.
My god makes more sense than all the other gods of history.
It’s about faith, not logic.

The Bible
My god exists because the Bible says so.
The Bible was written by god, so god exists.
The Old Testament is no longer applicable.
My god is all-forgiving and all-loving.
Jesus’s miracles prove he exited.
You are going to hell because [insert various biblical quote].

Humans v. God
All bad things are done by man, not god.
The free will argument.


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