My god exists because the Bible says so.

Response #1/ Circular logic is a logical fallacy and can’t be used to explain god’s existence.

Circular Logic

More simply stated, god exists because the bible says so. The bible exists because god spoke.

This sort of logic is circular and is a fallacy because it doesn’t end up proving anything. It’s the equivalent of saying “I exist because I say so. And as proof, I can say so because I exist.” While this seems to make more sense, what I am doing it using a thing to explain itself into existence. Even simpler, it’s saying that “cows eat grass because they eat grass.” Yes, cows eat grass. But that doesn’t explain why or how they eat grass. Only that they do it. It’s the same as simply stating the Bible exists, which is true, but that’s not the argument here. The argument is what the Bible represents – god’s existence, (explaining why the cow eats the grass). The Bible claims something (god’s existence) and a religious person is saying that the claim is true because the Bible claims it. Which makes absolutely no sense.

Generally, when showing a religious person this argument, they generally say something along the lines of “the Bible is god’s word,” which is why it’s proof of god’s existence. Here is the argument to use against that.


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